We are working to develop collections that preserve artifacts in a way that demonstrate the agriculture industry in America. The following is just one way that we are accomplishing this goal, while growing our educational resources.

Michigan Made Collection
"A Company History - Roths Industries, Inc."

One of our current projects is bringing the history behind a Michigan manufacturing company to life in print form. Please check back later to see how this project is progressing.

Roths Industries, Inc. began manufacturing garden tractors and other agricultural equipment shortly after World War II. The company grew as a manufacturer of some of the finest industrial strength garden tractors and agricultural equipment during its 17 years. Founded in Alma, Michigan the company started manufacturing the Garden King walking tractors in 1946 which quickly became a popular selling model. The BesRo riding tractors would later lead the way for the revolutionary Country Boy, the flagship model of the Roths brand. Roths Industries would later engineer rotary mowers with creative design features ahead of their time. Roths Industries developed heavy-duty lawn and garden accessory equipment for every need.